How to Make a Reading Glasses Chain

Do you have a pair of elusive, Houdini reading glasses that you can never find when you need them? That’s the problem with readers — when you’re constantly taking them off and putting them on, it’s easy to set them down and lose track of them.

One solution to this ongoing issue is an eyeglasses chain. I know what you’re thinking — I’m not an old librarian — but glasses chains are seriously fashionable right now! The great thing about a glasses chain is that it’s easy to make a DIY version that’s personalized to your style.

Baltimore Reading Glasses Chain

Martha Reading Glasses Chain

What you need to make a beaded glasses chain:

1. Beading wire or nylon cord. Choose a length that is comfortable when the glasses are on your face and around your neck. For most people, this will be around 30 inches, give or take
2. Your choice of beads
3. 2 crimp beads to stop beads from slipping. These are available at craft stores
4. 2 plastic eyeglass holders. These are available at craft stores
5. Scissors
6. Flat-nose pliers


1. Cut your beading wire or cord to a comfortable length.
2. Thread the wire or cord through the crimp bead and eyeglass holder, and then thread the wire or cord back through. Pull the wire or cord so the eyeglass holder and crimp bead are adjacent. Close the crimp bead with your pliers.
3. Decide on a pattern for your beads, and string them on, leaving enough room at the end for the other crimp bead and eyeglass holder.
4. Secure the second crimp bead and eyeglass holder, as you did with the first. If there is extra wire or cord, tuck it through the beads.


If you’re looking to purchase an accessory for your readers, check out our selection of affordable glasses chains, including the styles featured above: the Baltimore Reading Glasses Chain and the Martha Reading Glasses Chain.