Best Reading Glasses for Your Face Shape

No two faces are exactly the same — each one is comprised of a mix of shapes and angles, soft and hard lines, and most will not fit precisely into a basic shape. Therefore, when using this frame for face shape guide, pick the shape your features most strongly favor.

If you do not know your face shape, glance into a mirror and outline your face directly on the mirror with a bar of soap, dry erase marker, or some lipstick. It always helps to get a second opinion from a family member or friend as well. Is the shape you drew more square (rectangular), oval (oblong), heart (triangular), or round (circular)?

Once you decipher your shape, follow these guidelines to choose the best frames for your face shape. We guarantee you’ll find a pair of reading glasses or sun readers that look beyond perfect on you!

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Square Shaped Faces

square shaped faces

 Aviator  Oval  Rimless  Round  Full Frame  Retro Square
Aviator Oval Rimless Round Full Frame Retro Square

Square faces are distinguished by a wide forehead and cheekbones, and a strong, rectangular jaw line. To soften these boxy features, choose glasses with rimless edges or round and oval shapes. Aviator or cat eye style glasses and sun readers add just the right amount of softness to angular faces, too. Use caution when browsing square and rectangular styles, which will only further accentuate the rigid right angles of this face shape.

 Oval Shaped Faces

oval shaped faces

Rectangle Rimless Round Retro Square Aviator Half Frame
Rectangle Rimless Round Retro Square Aviator Half Frame

Oval and oblong face shapes are lucky; they can basically pull off any type of glasses style. Roundrectangleaviator, or retro square — take your pick! For these face shapes, the most important thing to keep in mind is proportion: Smaller, half frames or rimless readers look best on petite faces, while oversized and full frames are best suited for longer ones.

Heart Shaped Faces

heart shaped faces

 Full Frame Half Frame Rectangle Retro Square Aviator Rimless
Full Frame Half Frame Rectangle Retro Square Aviator Rimless

The heart-shaped or triangle-shaped face is very distinguishable: It’s characterized by a sharp jaw law line and a wide forehead. To balance a pointed chin, choose wide, upswept styles like cat eye and retro square. Keep in mind that oversized and rectangular frames with soft edges look better on heart shapes than perfectly round frames.

Round Shaped Faces

round shaped faces

Full Frame Half Frame Rectangle Retro Square Aviator Oversized
Full Frame Half Frame Rectangle Retro Square Aviator Oversized

Since round faces are free of harsh angles, it’s best to add dimension with a pair of boxy full frame or half frame styles, or any rectangular frame for that matter. Oversized frames and sun readers are also the perfect option: They make the face look longer and leaner. Uniquely-angled frames like cat eye and retro square also add definition to soft features — just make sure to avoid rimless and round styles, which will only add extra width and curviness to a circular shape.

Photos by REX USA

  • Deanne Peplow

    I wonder what cat eye glasses look good on. I have a pair and I like them. I think I’m round or oval.

  • Mutteringretreat

    wouldn’t it have been nice had they shown the glasses ON the faces?

  • Susane Bittner

    I’ve purchased three pair of Sun Readers from this site. I’m really happy with the style, the price and the quality! I’m hard on my glasses – wear them everyday (I live in California) and they get lots of beachwear too! I came here this time looking specifically for fisherman’s polarized readers. I need these for boating! I don’t see them here :-(