iVisionWear Tinted Computer Glasses

iVisionWear Tinted Computer Glasses

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    Staring at the computer screen or other digital device for long periods of time can cause Computer Vision Syndrome and Digital Eye Fatigue, so wearing protective eyewear is important. iVisionWear Tinted Computer Glasses eliminate harmful artificial light to provide visual efficiency for all day comfort and acuity. The lightly tinted lenses prevent eye strain and fatigue, and are perfect for folks that need to spend two or more hours using a computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone or gaming device.

    Please note: These particular computer glasses have no magnification. They work best for people that do not need reading glasses to work on the computer.

      Average Fit
      • Width
        5.31in / 135mm
      • Eye Height
        1.97in / 50mm
      • Temple
        5.91in / 150mm
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