Sometimes it is hard to believe the days of watching movies on VHS, cheering for Michael Jordan, and buying Push Pops are long gone. Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday that your kids were watching Nickelodeon and tape-recording their favorite songs off the radio? Here are 15 signs you raised a kid in the ’90s.

1. Beanie Babies were among your (woops … we mean their) most prized possessions, especially the ones with plastic tag protectors. 

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2. You know the Macarena (lyrics and choreography) by heart.

3. When you ran out of lunch-packing ideas, you turned to Lunchables to save the day.

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4. All of your kids’ birthday parties until the age of 10 were celebrated at Discovery Zone or Chuck E. Cheese.

You spent many evenings cleaning up messes from a Squeezit or Capri Sun accident.

Capri Sun
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6. Back-to-school shopping meant spending extra on a Trapper Keeper. Bonus points if it was Lisa Frank brand.

7. Your child woke you up with nightmares after reading Goosebumps before bed.

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8. Full House was your family’s favorite TV show. America’s Funniest Home Videos a close second.

9. Over the years, dozens of Lite-Brite pieces were lost and embedded in your carpet.

Lite Brite
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10. You waited hours in line at the Ticketmaster outlet to buy Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, or Spice Girls tickets. 

11. You helped your child care for more virtual pets than live ones. Between a Furby, Tomagotchi, and Giga Pet, who had time for a real dog?

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12. In order to use the house phone, your kids had to be off the Internet. 

13. Your child insisted on inflatable furniture for the living room. Thank goodness you drew the line somewhere.

inflatable couch

14. You didn’t let your kid have all the fun, but you waited until they went to bed to play Super Mario Brothers 3 on their Nintendo.

15. Sitting in a waiting room meant spending time reading Where’s Waldo or I Spy books.

Where's Waldo
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