Fashion trends, whether they be colors, clothing, or accessories, come and go from season to season. Our reading glasses are no exception! And while we certainly have classic readers that will always be in style, we also have pairs that are a little more fashion-forward. If you’re looking to make a statement this season, check out these 5 reading glasses trends that will keep you stylish in the upcoming months.

1. Two Tone Frames

Twice the color, twice the fun. If you’re looking to add a little zest to your wardrobe, but don’t want to experiment with crazy shapes or textures, two tone frames might be of interest to you. Flaunting classic shapes, our two tone readers are a fun and wearable trend to try.

two tone round readers

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multi colored reading glasses
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2. Mixed Material Frames

Who says plastic and metal don’t go together? One of our favorite reading glasses trends this season is mixed material frames — reading glasses that contain two or more materials. If you’re looking for a more modern, polished look, then you’ll love our mixed material readers.

mixed material readers

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metal and plastic reading glasses
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3. Printed Frames

If you thought prints were just for scarves and wallpaper, guess again. From floral to marble, our printed readers are quickly becoming a customer favorite, and rightfully so. To lighten up any outfit, try a pair of our wide variety of printed reading glasses.

marble reading glasses

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4. Retro-Inspired Frames

Look familiar? One trend that we’ve been seeing in reading glasses is the resurgence of retro style glasses. From wiry metals readers, to bold thick frames, our retro-inspired reading glasses are a playful nod to the past.

wiry reading glasses

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5. Gadget Reading Glasses

Reading glasses of the 21st century! Not only are these modern readers stylish, they’re also extremely convenient. Two frames we think you’ll find handy are The Anchor, which flaunts a detachable neck cord, and The Peace Polarized Magnetic Bifocal Reading Sunglasses, a style that uses magnets to connect polarized lenses!

gadget reading glasses

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magnetic polarized reading sunglasses
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Disclaimer: All references to “bifocals” herein refer to readers having unmagnified lenses containing a “bifocal style” single powered reading glass insert located in the lower portion of the lenses.