Bamboo temples? Recycled wood frames? That’s right people, the newest trend in eyewear isn’t metal or plastic — it’s eco-friendly readers! Our newest reading glasses not only look good, but are good for the environment, too. We like to call that a win-win. Read on to learn more about our five favorite eco-friendly readers this season.

fitzgerald reader

The Fitzgerald Recycled Wood Bifocal

Cue the nostalgia! These retro bifocals will bring you back to the 50s. But don’t break out the Elvis music just yet — we’ve given this classic look a modern update by adding recycled wooden temples.

rowan sun reader

The Rowan Bamboo Recycled Sun Reader

Head outdoors in style with The Rowan Bamboo Recycled Sun Reader. Smooth in both looks and texture, these sun readers feature real bamboo temples for added interest.

heather reader

The Heather Recycled Bamboo Reader

Just like The Rowan Bamboo Recycled Sun Reader, this reader features real bamboo temples. The only difference? A clear lens, a cat eye shape, and a whole lot of sass. They’re absolutely purrfect, darling.

charlie reader

The Charlie Recycled Wood Reader

With a rectangular shape, there’s something profound about our Charlie Recycled Wood Reader. Whether it’s that deep, rich color that the recycled wooden temples add, or the metal accents on the temples, these readers may just become your next go-tos.
expedition reader

The Expedition Recycled Wood Reader

Like The Charlie Recycled Wood Reader, this reader features deep, rich recycled wooden temples. With a strong rectangular face, The Expedition Recycled Wood Reader sports a strong, angular shape.

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