1. The Bee Gees were your favorite band, and you knew all their disco dance moves to Saturday Night Fever.


2. Your house was decked out in long shag carpet.

70s shag carpet

3. Lava lamps turned your bedroom into a groovy hangout.

70s lava lamps

4. Star Wars was (and still is), in your opinion, the greatest film series of all time.

Star Wars

5. The wider the bell bottom on your jeans, the cooler you felt.

70s bell bottoms

6. Summertime meant soaking up the sun by lathering yourself in baby oil, streaking your hair with lemon juice, and laying out with metallic UV reflectors.

70s beach

7. You knew all the words to the opening theme of The Mary Tyler Moore Show by heart!

Mary Tyler Moore

8. For school, you typed all of your papers on a manual typewriter and hated making those tedious corrections. Does this sound familiar? 


9. Your dad probably drove a Ford Pinto, and if not, you definitely knew someone who did!

Ford Pinto

10. Saturday morning cartoons were the best part of your weekend. You never missed an episode of Captain Kangaroo, The Pink Panther, or The Bugs Bunny Show.

Pink Panther

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