If you find you are having problems with close-up vision but you still need to see in the distance, bifocals might just be the answer. Bifocals are lenses that have two focal points. At Readers.com our bifocals are flat tops, which means they are divided by a thin horizontal line with no power on the top and your reading power on the bottom.  We know that if you’re purchasing a pair of bifocals for the first time it can be difficult finding the answers you’re looking for. To assist you in finding the right pair of bifocals that fit your optical needs we’ve provided answers to frequently asked questions, along with information on our Readers.com bifocals.

Are bifocals still considered bifocals if there is not a power on the top?

Yes–although the top of the bifocal is clear/plano, it is represented as a power of +0.00. This section helps you focus out in the distance while doing activities such as driving, watching tv, cooking, etc. On the bottom of the bifocal you will have your reading power, which helps you see up close while doing activities such as looking at a map, reading a book, sewing, and following a recipe.

What are bifocal sunglasses?

Our bifocal sunglasses are great for anything outdoors such as hiking, golfing, or driving on those really sunny days. Like our regular bifocals, these glasses have no power at the top, and have your reading power in the bottom. The up close power helps with seeing your speedometer, writing on a scorecard, reading a compass, etc. If you are an avid fisher you will love how our polarized bifocal sunglasses allow you to see out into the water and also look down to bait your line, or remove the prized fish you just caught.  

As an added bonus, all of our bifocal sunglasses are UVA/UVB protected!

What are customizable bifocals?

Customizable bifocals  are for people who have different powers in each eye, but the top of the lens still can not have power added.  If you have a need for customizable bifocals we highly encourage you to check with your doctor before ordering, as these glasses are non-returnable, non-refundable due to being custom made at our local lab.

Do we carry no-line bifocals?

No–to be accurate, no-line bifocals do not exist. There are lenses called progressives, which we do not carry, and are commonly confused as no-line bifocals. These are different because they have multiple focal points and not just two.


Is it possible to order power in the top?

Since our glasses are pre-manufactured and can not be changed, it is not possible to order power in the top of your bifocals.

Didn’t see your question answered above? We’d love to assist you! Just ask your question in the comments and we’ll make sure you receive an answer.