Artsy Readers

One of our favorite things about reading glasses is that they’re always there when inspiration strikes. Even if you’re not the most creative person in the world, everyone has had that moment when they feel inspired. Whether you’re jotting ideas down on your dinner napkin, or taking a sculpting class after work, reading glasses are a great companion in all your creative pursuits.

Here are 5 pairs of reading glasses that inspire us to get in touch with our artistic side. Check them out, pick your favorite, and get creative!

1. Painting

The Selena

With a colorful, hand-painted design, these reading glasses are sure to get your creative juices flowing. The Selena half-readers are perfect for artists who are constantly pushing their readers up and down on their nose to the canvas close-up, and subjects far away.

2. Writing

The Bookworm

Could these round reading glasses look any more scholarly? The Bookworm is a striking pair of smaller-fitting readers that will bring out the writer in you. Whether you love to write poetry or are working on your screenplay, these glasses make everyone feel like an author.

3. Beading

The Bouquet

If beading or jewelry making is your art of choice, try on The Bouquet. These full-frame printed reading glasses are fun, feminine, and full of color. They also come with a pouch so you can keep them safe with the rest of your jewelry-making supplies.

4. Sewing


If your clumsy on your readers and use them often, The Clementine might be the perfect pair for you. Their flexible frame, felt pouch, and fun pattern is perfect for when you need to sew on last-minute buttons or finish off big projects. Whether you’ve made a career out of sewing or you’re just now learning the basics, keep these readers handy in your kit.

5. Drawing

The Dorian

Grab your sketchbook and pencils, The Dorian was made for drawing. Even if you’re still stuck on stick figures, these browline style reading glasses make anyway look like a professional sketch artist. Try your hand at drawing and we bet you’ll feel instantly refreshed and inspired.

Still haven’t found those readers that inspire you? Don’t worry, we’ve got hundreds more to choose from!

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