Hey teachers — it’s about that time. Back to school time, that is! We know school days can put a strain on your eyes. You need to be plenty prepared for the upcoming semester, and you’re at the right place!

Full frame reading glasses really have a certain smart look about them. Not only are they good for your vision, but they keep you looking stylish during the school year. The Bennett readers are just the right fit for a fashionable teacher. We have the full frame glasses in men’s readers and women’s reading glasses.

Full frame reading glasses

Sit at the computer a lot, replying to emails and entering grades? We have computer reading glasses just for this purpose. Normal reading glasses help with a reading distance of 10 to 12 inches, while computer glasses accommodate the 20 to 26 inches you sit from the computer screen.   Our computer glasses will keep your screen looking sharp!

distance glasses

And don’t forget a pair of reading sunglasses for an afternoon of grading papers outside. Take advantage of the last nice, warm days of the year by taking your work outside with some reading sunglasses.

Photo Credit: Utah State University and Galvin Entalai