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Bridgette Raes has worked in the fashion industry for 20 years. As author of Style Rx: Dressing the Body You Have to Create the Body You Want and president of Bridgette Raes style group, Bridgette knows style like we know reading glasses! We asked Bridgette to lend us her fabulous expertise on fashion for women over 40. Read her style tips below, and make sure you visit her website to learn more about Bridgette and her stylish life.

Bridgette Raes

Five Things Stylish Women Over 40 Should Know

The 40-year-old woman of today is nothing like who she was 40 years ago. It’s said that 40 is the new 30. While this may be true in regard to outer appearance and looking young, being 40 is nothing like being 30. It’s better. We, the 40+ women of today, are bolder, more vibrant, spicier, and a lot more comfortable in our own skin. We’re risk takers, truth-talkers, and we know what we want and where we are going. The second-guessing is over, the regrets of youth have now become valuable life lessons, and once the threshold is crossed, few 40-year-olds have much of a desire to go back to their younger days. Yes, 40 is the best kept secret among older women.

Yet, when it comes to style, embracing this inner power outwardly can seem difficult. How does this woman of a certain aplomb show the world that the best is yet to come? Here are five things I think that every stylish woman over 40 should know.

1. Dressing young and dressing youthful are two different things.

Young Vs. Youthful: Style Advice for Women Over 40

We must embrace age by recognizing the difference between dressing young and dressing youthful. When a woman dresses too young, she looks older, as if she is desperately clinging to her youth. Meanwhile, the woman who dresses in a youthful manner looks like she is honoring her age with pride.

2. Buy less and invest more.

A 40+ woman knows her own value and the value of her surroundings. We don’t have the time, nor desire, to keep anything around that doesn’t belong. We must keep our wardrobes small and tight and invest in ourselves by buying and wearing items of value.

3. Own at least one pair of nude shoes.

Nude Pumps

With a desire to have less and get more, and because it will elevate any look, the stylish 40+ woman needs at least one pair of nude pumps in her closet. Not only are they just as elegant as we are, but they have slimming and lengthening effects for showing off our legs.

4. Take risks.

By the time a woman reaches 40, she is done proving or explaining herself to others. Our wardrobes should reflect this. We must embrace ourselves and comfortably shows it off to the world! Don’t be afraid to be bold.

5. Accessorize!


Not only will accessories maximize the usefulness of a streamlined and value-driven wardrobe, but accessorizing is also one of the best ways to infuse everything that is amazing about us on the inside, outward.

Whether you’ve been embarking on the journey of your 40s and beyond for some time now or this is new terrain for you, these stylish tips will help you be just as bold on the outside as you already are on the inside!

Thanks again to Bridgette for her fashion tips! We can’t wait to try them out for ourselves. 

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