Sometimes life gets so busy, we get caught up in the day-to-day monotony of getting things done instead of doing the things that make us truly happy. Life’s too short to not live your dreams! If you need a kick of inspiration, we’ve got just the trick. talked with five expert bloggers (who are pros at navigating midlife) to see what’s on their bucket lists — plus we put together a top 10 list based on their life goals. Enjoy their lists below and get inspired to create your own!

10 must-do activities to add to my bucket list!

List to read: Cathy of An Empowered Spirit

Cathy Chester is one empowering woman! She’s been living with multiple sclerosis since 1987, but she’s made a promise to herself that MS would not prevent her from living a happy and healthy life. Cathy has decided to focus the second chapter of her life on self-improvement, spreading her wings, and facing her fears. From writing a book to traveling both near and far, Cathy shared her top five bucket list items with us.

Gather some inspiration from Cathy’s must-do list by checking out her post.

List to read: Pat of Boomer for Life

Pat Pinto’s life mantra is “Having fun is a priority.” Pat’s a busy woman who never wants to stop working, but she’s also made a commitment to herself to have fun in her free time. That’s why she’s dedicated her blog to discovery — whether it’s a new vacation spot or a new technology. To help her live her life as fully as possible, Pat created a top 10 must-do list for the next decade. She reminds us that bucket lists are for people of all ages, and they’re simply a way to help us live out our dreams.

Grab a few of Pat’s ideas by visiting her post.

List to read: Lisa of Grandma’s Briefs

Lisa Carpenter comes to us with a wealth of knowledge about life’s second act. She’s a baby boomer, a wife, a mother of adult children, and a long-distance grandmother. Lisa started her blog to share the good, the bad, and the humorous of midlife. Though Lisa is focusing the second half of her life on grandparenting, she’s realized that she needs to make herself happy first. That’s why she has three bucket lists — one for the short-term, one for the long-term, and one filled with mind-blowing, outrageous ideas. From mastering a song on the piano to riding her bike to the top of a hill, you won’t want to miss out on Lisa’s six things in six months.

Get inspired by checking out her post.

List to read: Rita of Not Just the Kitchen

Rita Morgan created her website over ten years ago to bring women everything they need know about health and beauty, money and finance, and family and relationships. We asked Rita what’s on her bucket list. She compiled a list of her ideas and those of her readers to map out her future must-do activities. Rita’s bucket list focuses on the things she already loves to do, such as golfing and vacationing.

Read her post for activities you can easily add to your list!

List to read: Kim of Middle-Aged Cheap Seats

Kim Dalferes is a former Justice Department official who spent many years writing about community safety. She’s switched gears to talk about her second time around as a wife and her experiences as a single mother. To celebrate her 51st birthday, Kim created a bucket list of 51 items, some of which are practical today and others that extend into the future. Kim’s bucket list serves as her reminder to slow down every once in a while.

Visit Kim’s post to see how she’s bringing in her birthday this year.

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