Last Easter weekend, I was in a seriously crafty state. From glitterizing dyed eggs to making bunny napkin holders, my days were devoted to clever DIY projects that turned the spring holiday from ordinary to extraordinary. These flip flop flowers that I created for my triplet nieces were my favorite craft of the bunch. At four years old, I wanted to place treats in their Easter baskets that were as colorful and completely adorable as their tiny (but mighty) personalities.

decorating flip flops with fabric

After making these — and seeing how cute their little toes looked in them — I thought these would make a perfect little girl’s gift for everything from birthday party favors  to baby shower gifts. Each pair only cost a whopping $5 to make and took me about 45 minutes to complete (I got faster at it as I went along).

Here’s how you can make these fabric flower flip flops in a jiffy:

  • Step 1: Supplies. For this project, you need a pair of flip flops (I got mine for $2.50 each at Old Navy), a small square of fabric (I just sifted through the $1 leftover fabric bins at JoAnn’s), a glue gun, ruler (optional), scissors, and a few gems.
  • Step 2: Measure 6 strips of fabric (each a little more than half an inch wide) and cut into strips.

wholesale flip flop craft flip flops DIY

  • Step 3: On the first flip flop, tie a strip in a knot at the pointed “v” of the straps. Glue the knot so that it’s securely in place.
  • Step 4: Begin making the fabric flower by tightly twisting the fabric strip — it’ll start to naturally coil around itself.  Start to wind the twisted fabric  into a spiral around the starter knot.

decorating flip flops DIY flip flop decor

  • Step 5: Once you wind the twisted fabric around itself 2-3 times, glue the fabric in place every couple of twists. Each spiral layer should lay flush and secure with the next. Press and hold until the glue dries.
  • Step 6: Continue this twirl, coil, and glue process until you reach the end of the strip. You now have a complete fabric flower! Ensure it’s secure by turning the shoe over and dabbing a dime-sized glob of glue between the underside of the flower and the flip flop strap. Press and hold until the glue dries.

kids flop flops craft how to decorate flip flops cheap with cloth rosettes

  • Step 7: To decorate the flip flop straps, begin at the part of the strap closest to the flower. Add a dab of glue to the underside of the strap, and hold the tip of a fabric strip to it until the glue dries. Begin winding the fabric around the strap, inching further towards the back of the strap with each motion.
  • Step 8: Continue winding the fabric around the strap until the strap is completely covered. Glue the strip to the end of the strap, and trim off any remaining fabric. Repeat steps 7 and 8 with another fabric strip for the other side.

decorate flop flops decorating your flip flops

  • Step 9: Add a matching gem to the top of the fabric flower with a dab of glue. (Every girl loves a little sparkle!) Repeat steps 3-9 for the other flop flop.
  • Step 10: Voila: You’re finished! This is the perfect way to spruce up any pair of cheap flip flops. It adds the perfect pop of color to summer sandals.

DIY sandals craft DIY fabric rosette decoration

Here’s what my finished product looked like for one of my nieces. The Easter bunny was good to them this year :).

Cheap Easter basket stuffers craft

Happy crafting!

? Molly & The RGS Team