I’m feeling a bit nostalgic in the RGS office today. You see, last weekend I had plenty of free time for some over-so-lovely channel surfing (which got really old, really quick).  Bored with what was on TV (or lack thereof), and unable to find anything that slightly peaked my interest, I was on the verge of calling it quits. That is, until I stumbled upon the Mr. Ben Matlock  in a gripping courtroom scene.

classic tv show Matlock

I watched the screen as the story line unfolded around an arrogant landlord refusing to renovate the building or meet the current city’s codes for livable facilities.  He soon became a victim of a crime, leading to the dynamic courtroom drama.  In classic Matlock fashion, Ben faced the jury, made accusations against the victimized landlord, and showed how his client, the tenant, was not aggressive and innocent of such a heinous crime.   As the show concluded, of course, Matlock prevailed yet again.

I found this oldie-but-goodie delightful, because it brought back amazing memories of my Papaw.  He used to sit with a newspaper in one hand and reading glasses in the other, with the television on in the background at full volume.  I remember sitting and watching these classic shows with him for hours on end–I used to fake sick days from school just so I could snuggle up with him.  From stay-at-home days to fun weekends at Papaw’s house, he always remained consistent: cozy recliner, fresh newspaper, and quirky television shows.

Re-watching that Matlock episode reminded me of the other shows that I loved to watch while perched on my Papaw’s lap.  Here are my top five favorites:

[For those of you eager to watch, you can catch most of these shows on TV Land!]

Classic TV



This famous western set in Nevada follows the lives of the Cartwright family.   The story focuses on the three-time-widower Ben and his three sons  Adam, Eric “Hoss,” and  Joseph “Little Joe” while they lived on their ranch, Ponderosa.  Each family member is very different, but all work together for the sake of the family, as well as good deeds for the surrounding community.

Classic TV



This comedy is about a surgical unit deployed to South Korean during the Korean War.  Always a show known for laughter within the sensitive surroundings, it was entertaining to watch the doctors interact and see how the story lines developed!


Classic Television


Murder She Wrote

Jessica Fletcher is an admired writer who soon becomes known for her ability to solve mysteries, too.   In every episode, a murder takes place, and while detectives and police officials are always quick to assess the situation and pin-point the obvious suspect, Jessica dives deeper.  She often investigates situations with opposing evidence and ultimately reveals the true criminal.

Classic Television


Little House On The Prairie

The Ingalls family lives in the small town of Walnut Grove during the late 1800s.  I always loved to watch the patriarch, Charles Ingalls, and his family face the issues during this famous American time period.


Classic Televsion



My obvious favorite 🙂 show follows Ben Matlock as he thoroughly investigates many crimes.  Often a representative of the underdog, Ben finds hidden clues and jaw-dropping evidence to win the trial.


What are some of your favorite classic TV shows and the memories you associate with them? 


Have a lovely week!

The Reading Glasses Crew