Social media and text messaging have certainly blurred the laws of grammar. With platforms like Twitter, that only allow 140 characters per tweet, why waste a character on punctuation? We understand that commas are sneaky little things, and while we don’t want to be the grammar police, we want to caution you to never underestimate the power of the comma. Here are 5 pictures proving why punctuation and grammar still matter.

1. In a world without commas, pedestrians have become slippery…
Caution Sign

2. …Arts and crafts are no longer child friendly.
cut and paste

3. Without commas, people would be less interested in attending Rachael Ray’s dinner parties.
Commas 4.

4. Although, without proper punctuation, hot breakfast would be more appreciated.

Puctuation 8

5. In a comma-less world, parasailing horses and buggies would be a major tourist attraction.
Punctuation 10. The occasional parasaling horse

So there you have it. Commas provide clarity, and in this content-heavy, digital world in which we live, you do not want your message to be misinterpreted. As easy as it may be, do not succumb to the punctuation-averse ways of the Internet.