It’s December 22, and I’m sure many of you are finishing up your holiday preparations: baking cookies, buying last-minute gifts, and wrapping presents and placing them under the tree. But what to do when that last roll of wrapping paper ends, and you still have more to wrap? You grab your reading glasses and get creative, of course! There’s tons of inspiration on the Internet on DIY gift wrapping. From simple ideas that are slightly outside of the box, to the more ambitious ones that you’ll need to plan for, here’s a roundup of my favorite creative ways to wrap a gift.

  • From the queen of creativity herself, Martha Stewart, this one really blew my mind.  Believe it or not, this gift was wrapped using a CHIP BAG!  It’s too good to be true, right?  According to Martha, you can just cut the bag open along the seam, wash and dry it, and like magic, you have a beautiful metallic wrapping paper.


  • Another ingenious idea from Martha Stewart is using leftover scraps of fabric. If you plan ahead, you could use scarves as wrapping paper, which could serve as part of the gift.

  • We’ve all used a brown paper bag as wrapping paper, but rather than leave the paper plain brown, tie a colorful bow around it and stamp the recipient’s name on the paper.


  • You can also use  newspaper or magazine print as wrapping paper. Tie a pretty string or bow around the paper to add a splash of color to the the black and white. In the same vein, I think that sheet music could make a great gift wrapping paper!

 Do you have any clever ways to wrap presents?

Happy Holidays from Reading Glasses Shopper!

Author Bio: Ashley is a senior at Indiana University.  She writes for Reading Glasses Shopper and works as holiday sales lead at Express.