This past year, fans and celebrity watchers have seen Demi Lovato transform from Disney Princess to a broken girl in rehab to Comeback Queen with her new power-anthem “Skyscraper.” Which sounds like a lot, but imagine it from her 18-year-old perspective.

Since her return from rehab for anorexia, bulimia, cutting and bipolar disorder, Demi has been a forerunner in promoting safe, healthy lives and encouraging fans to seek help when they need it. Recently, she has been campaigning for a friend’s clothing line named Sober Is Sexy. According to BSC Kids, “The company donates 5% off each purchase to a substance abuse charity.”

Here is her statement on addiction where she uses her personal struggle as example:

“I think a lot of people our age start off experimenting with drugs and alcohol as innocent fun, out of curiosity, or because their friends are doing it. Often times this ‘innocent fun’ can lead to very serious issues like drunk driving, bad choices and in some cases – addiction. Addiction is a very serious disease, and it doesn’t just go away. I’ve suffered from an eating disorder which is an addiction, and I will have to work on my recovery every day for the rest of my life. It’s an ongoing battle but one that is well worth it, and I’ve never felt happier.”

Here’s a photo of Demi looking classy, sassy in a straw hat and black off-the-shoulder shirt.

Demi Lovato glasses

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Demi Lovato glasses

photo credit:, JSYK