The team are avid followers (and admirers) of The Daily Muse, a site targeted towards women of all ages (and stages) in the working world. Recently, we stumbled across an informative and eye-opening infographic that they posted via Daily Infographic titled Healthy Eyes in a Digital World. The graphic illustrates the downfalls of staring at a digital device during work and play. With the average person spending up to six hours a day in front of  technology, it’s no wonder our eyes are overwhelmed with increasing cases of eyestrain and computer vision syndrome.

Read on to find out how to take care of those peepers without giving up your love for computers and gadgets completely.


Infographic courtesy of  Daily Infographic

We encourage you to take the proper precautions highlighted in the graphic — such as purchasing a pair of computer glasses and following the  20-20-20 rule very diligently :). After all, your health depends on it!

P.S. Who else is in awe of the potential for “smart contact lenses”!?