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Although we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, sometimes cover art is too fun to hide within the confines of a bookcase. This is especially true when it comes to wonderfully illustrated children’s books. Instead of showing book spines lined up in a row, let your child’s books serve as colorful wall art with DIY book ledges.

DIY Book Ledges

Our Creative Director, Moriya, made these ledges above for her baby girl’s nursery. She describes the project as “so simple” and as a great alternative to artwork. Moriya filled her ledges with secondhand books from garage sales and antique shops, which we love because it keeps these classic stories going generation after generation. We spy some childhood favorites in there!

Check out Moriya’s blog for a detailed tutorial on how to make book ledges, as well as many other DIY projects for the home!

DIY book ledges