We don’t know about you, but we’re always trying to keep organized — and crafting. This is a really fun, inexpensive craft, though it does take several hours for drying (which means you’ll be able to get some reading done, too)! We suggest indulging in a delicious coffee while you go to work.

DIY chalkboard organizer

Supplies Needed

Goodwill picture

  1. Picture from Goodwill. Make sure it has hanging hardware on the back.
  2. Chalkboard spray paint.
  3. Leftover wall paint or spray paint.
  4. Sponge brush. (If you’re using wall paint.)
  5. Something to open the paint can with. We used a chisel.
  6. Mini clothespins. 
  7. Hot glue gun.
  8. Twine.
  9. Cardboard or drop cloth. (not pictured)
  10. Rag or old T-shirt. (not pictured)
  11. Knee pad. (not pictured)

Required Time: 4-6 hours on Day 1 and 1 hour on Day 2

Difficulty Level: Intermediate


Step 1

Picture frame backing hardware Picture frame backing hardware

Remove the glass, picture, and cardboard. If you have the same backing hardware we had, you’ll have to bend it back with your thumb and side of your finger. Very carefully remove the glass and set aside.

Step 2

Glass and chalkboard spray paint

Next, spray paint the glass with the chalkboard paint. You’ll need an old cardboard box or drop cloth to protect the ground from excess paint. Follow the directions on the can, and be sure to use it in a well-ventilated area. Lay down your first coat, and be prepared to wait an hour or two (depending on size) for it to dry before you can spray your second coat. Remember to clear the spray nozzle and wash your hands with soap and water after using.

Step 3

Chalkboard, paint, and frame

While your chalkboard is drying, start on your frame. Grab an old rag or T-shirt to wipe up paint drips and a knee pad to sit on. If you’re using wall paint, tilt the canister back and forth a few times to mix it. Paint the entire frame, making sure to get the inside and outside parts. Don’t worry if it looks streaky. You’ll be painting another coat or two over it once it dries. Wash your hands with soap and water, and let the frame dry.

Step 4

chalkboard frame paint

Paint your second coat, and after that dries, paint a third if necessary. You can consider yourself done with the frame here, or you can go ahead and add to it. We used the yellow paint to add diagonal spongy lines. After you’re done painting, wash your hands again and rinse your brush under running water until the water runs clear.

This part is fun because you can get really creative with it. Let your imagination run wild with your frame. Paint some flowers or vegetables if you want to hang it in your kitchen. Smiley faces or animals would be cute for a little one’s room.

Step 5

Wait! Unfortunately, chalkboard paint takes 24 hours to cure, so you’ll have to come back tomorrow before you can use your new chalkboard.

Step 6

Primed chalkboard

The next day. Your chalkboard paint has cured! To prime it, rub a side of chalk over the entire board, then erase it. You must do this before using it. Now, carefully put the glass and cardboard back into the frame, which is a bit tricky and takes a careful, patient hand. Push the backing hardware back into place, and this part of your board is finished.

Step 7

Lastly, the twine. This part is easy and quick. Cut enough twine so that it swoops just slightly, and hot glue it to both corners of the frame. Put as few or as many mini clothespins on it as you like, and hang your board on your wall. *Note: Be gentle when you write on it, and don’t use broken chalk with sharp edges, as it will scratch the glass.

DIY chalkboard organizer

Clip up your favorite recipes, quotes, pictures, anything. It could easily be adapted into a menu planner, shopping list organizer, calendar, scheduler, way to write notes to family members … anything!  This is your creative board, so have fun!