Did you remember to treat your pet this holiday season to an extra treat or a new toy? I know my cats love any holiday that involves wrapping paper and boxes. 😉

If you’re looking for some fun DIYs to pass snowbound days, why not make something sweet for your faithful companions? Whether you are a cat lover or prefer the company of a loyal pup, here are a few fun and easy DIY projects your furry (and scaly!) friends will love:

Pet ID Tags

Leave it to Martha Stewart, animal lover and craft extraordinaire, to come up with this cute little project! These pet ID tags can be done quite quickly and affordably with the use of her crafty tools, all of which are easy to find at your local big-box craft store. Hey, who doesn’t love a trip to Hobby Lobby, anyway?!

Suitcase Pet Bed

Doesn’t this kitty look comfy? That’s because he’s sleeping in a cozy new bed made from a vintage suitcase! While this one doesn’t have exact instructions, it looks simple enough! The hardest part may be finding the right suitcase. I see thrifting in your future…

Gumball Machine Fish Bowl

Some people just don’t have the time to care for a four-legged friend and opt for a not-so-demanding fish — or you’re like me and get fish to act as “Kitty TV.” How fun is this fish bowl made from an old gumball machine? Keep in mind that this is for a small fish and will not be aerated with a pump. Surprisingly, this one doesn’t require that many materials either.

Dog Biscuits

Ever worry about what is in those treats you are feeding your dog? Sensitive tummies can leave you with messes to clean up (yucky!). This recipe for homemade dog biscuits also comes from Martha Stewart and requires just a few basic ingredients and fun, bone-shaped cookie cutters!

Catnip Toy

My cats find joy in the little things — empty boxes, hair ties, etc. This homemade catnip toy allows you to interact with your cat and provides them with hours of fun in return. This DIY blog post, complete with instructions and helpful step-by-step photos, states that the craft can be completed in roughly 40 minutes! Not too bad!

Pet Bowl Stand

This DIY requires some light “construction,” but the end result is well-worth it. This project is perfect for the cat or dog that likes to tip over food and water bowls. Or, it’s also great for aging pets that have trouble eating and drinking from bowls on the ground.

Dapper Pet Collar

Have you ever seen anything as cute as a dapper cat wearing a shirt collar? This no-sew DIY only requires an old collared shirt and scissors. I know my cats wouldn’t tolerate wearing this, but I sure wish they would!

Food Canister

Chances are you have one or two holiday popcorn tins left over from recent festivities. Repurpose one of them to make a tin to store dog or cat food. Not only is this more attractive than keeping a bag of food around your home, but it’ll keep your pet’s food fresher for longer.

Cushion Pet Bed

This DIY requires a bit of sewing, but nothing too daunting. Pets love to have a bed of their own, and it may deter them from getting hair all over your furniture.  Most pet stores have an underwhelming selection of colors when it comes to pet beds. Sew one yourself and match it to your home’s decor!

Pet Sweater

This one claims to be the easiest pet sweater DIY on the planet. All you need is a toddler sweatshirt and scissors — no sewing required. Now the trick is getting your cat to sit still long enough to put it on…

Go ahead and get crafting! Make your ever-faithful pal a special treat.