It’s true: We have fallen head over heels for the PBS series Downton Abbey. Now that the holidays are behind us and the cold, dreary weather is keeping us inside, we are beyond thrilled that the series is back for Season 3!

While Season 1 began in 1912, Season 2 left off with the start of the 1920s, and just as the characters have progressed over the years, so has their style. Huge fans of historic fashion ourselves, we’ve put together a collection of Downton Abbey-inspired accessories that are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe today.

  • Cloche: Perfect for winter, a cloche is a cute alternative to the traditional stocking cap. Opt for one of these vintage hats in a deep jewel tone, with accents such as bows or rosettes.
  • Dainty Gloves: Women’s fashion in the ’20s was all about dainty, feminine details. Always wanting to protect delicate hands from harsh elements, gloves were a definite must. These black lace beauties are Lady Crawley-approved!
  • Brooch: What better way to add a subtle sparkle to your attire than with a gorgeous brooch! Styles with rhinestones, gemstones, and even pearls will add a vintage touch to a blouse, blazer, or coat.
  • Oxford Pumps: 1920s fashion wouldn’t be complete without a great pair of oxfords! Choose a heeled version for special occasions or a flat style for everyday wear. These pair perfectly with cuffed denim or a ladylike shift with tights!
  • Pearl Strands: Long strands of pearls are a staple of 1920s style. Break out your traditional set, or go for one with jewels or rosette embellishments. Paired with a classic white blouse or LBD, you can’t go wrong!
  • Vintage Drop Earrings: To add a little sparkle to an updo, drop earrings were a trendy option among women in the era. These are easy to find in nearly any jewelry department these days, because they’re the earring of the moment. You know what they say — what’s old is new again!
  • Coin Purse: Handbags of today are much larger than those of the past! This basic coin purse with vintage details offers the space to carry your smaller necessities with a 1920s charm.
  • Spectacles: There’s always been a need for stylish and practical eyewear! These Anaheim Computer Readers offer a classic, old-fashioned look with functionality for both reading and computer use.