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Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin: Inventor of the Bifocal Glasses

Throughout the history of the United States, the country has been fortunate to have individuals that have been innovative and forward thinking. During the colonial days of the country, many people were responsible for organizing their independence from the British Empire, and for creating a new country.

One of the most remarkable individuals in the years leading up to and after the Revolutionary War was Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was an individual that had a great influence on the formation of the country. He was an inventor, statesman, author, and an influential person both in the United States and overseas.

To learn more about the remarkable life of Benjamin Franklin, we have collected a variety of resources about his life and accomplishments:



  • Franklin Invention – information on the Franklin Stove, one of Benjamin Franklin’s inventions.
  • Franklin and his Inventions – resourceful site discussing the many inventions of Ben Franklin.
  • Franklin’s Bifocals – information on Ben Franklin’s invention of the bifocal, along with other inventions.
  • Inventions – listing of a few of the many inventions by Franklin.
  • More Inventions – useful information from the PBS website on some of the inventions of Ben Franklin.
  • Franklin Kids Corner – educational site for kids discussing some of the inventions of Franklin.

Revolutionary War

Government Service

  • American Intelligence – informative site showing how Franklin was one of the leaders in the intelligence movement.
  • Statesman – useful information about Benjamin Franklin’s role as a statesman.
  • Ben Franklin Statesman – educational information about the life as a statesman.
  • Benjamin Franklin – informational web site covering Franklin’s life as a statesman.
  • Life of Franklin – resource on the life and career of Franklin.


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