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Learning to Tell Time

Knowing how to tell time is a very important skill. It can help you determine whether you’re running late or whether you have plenty of time to spare. It can help you catch a train, bus, or plane on time, and allows you to know if you’re going to make it to an important get-together early or late. Being able to tell time by looking at a traditional clock is essential to understanding other things like time zones and international times as well. Learning how to tell time can also help kids with their motor and cognitive skills as well as mathematical skills.

Many educators feel that the earlier the age of the child, the better. In most cases, children should learn to tell time on an analog clock around the age of five or six. Younger children will have difficulty since they have not yet learned basic math skills just yet.

  1. How to Read a Clock with Hands – A simple guide that shows how to read clocks with hand, also known as analog clocks.
  2. Time Monsters – This interactive website teaches kids how to learn about time and clocks.
  3. Clock Quiz – Use this quiz to help kids learn how to read a clock and tell time.
  4. Teaching Kids to Read a Clock – Some helpful information and tips on teaching kids to read a clock.
  5. Video – This entertaining video teaches children how to read clocks to the nearest 5-minute mark and understand time intervals.
  6. Analog Clock – An interactive clock that shows the time as well as where the hands are coordinating.
  7. Clock Challenge – Click on these clocks to see if you’re able to tell what time it is.
  8. Lesson Plan – Some challenges and lesson plans for teaching kids how to tell time.
  9. What Time is It? – Another fun interactive game where you can match up your analog time telling skills with the digital clocks under it.
  10. Telling Time with Kat – This fun game with Kat the cat helps kids learn to tell time on an analog clock.
  11. Learn to Tell Time Game – An online, interactive game that helps kids learn to tell time.
  12. Teaching Clock – A helpful clock that will show children how to tell time on an analog clock.
  13. Play to Learn – Enter the desired time, and it will show on the clock’s hands.
  14. Identifying Time – A great interactive tool that helps kids understand the time on a clock.
  15. Mastering Time Concepts – This article addresses children with ADHD and how parents can help them understand time and time management.
  16. Printable Clock – Use this printable clock as a tool to help children learn to tell time.
  17. Learning to Tell Time – Information about software designed to teach kids how to tell time.
  18. Analog & Digital Clocks – Online software that shows kids how to tell time on both analog and digital clocks.
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