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Grab Your Glasses: It’s Optical Illusion Time!

Do you believe everything you see? When you are done with these optical illusions, you won’t believe anything you see! Optical Illusions are a great way to learn about what your eyes are capable of and what they are not capable of. You will see color where there is no color. Things will disappear or things that aren’t there will appear to be. You will challenge your mind and solve visual puzzles. You will see the impossible. Many of the optical illusion websites below will even explain to you what is happening and why it is happening. It’s a fun way to learn. Be warned, optical illusions can trick your brain as well as your eyes:

Optical Illusion

  • NIEHS Kids Pages Check out these fun Optical Illusions. You will never believe your eyes again! Once you are done with the ones on the page, scroll down to the bottom for even more.
  • All You Can See This site is for designed for younger kids but may trick even the most seasoned illusionists.
  • Optical Illusions in Nature Even Mother Nature is an illusionist! Ever wonder why the sky is blue, where auroras come from, or why you can’t get to the end of a rainbow? You can find out the answers to these and many more!
  • Illusion Gallery This illusion gallery is brought to you from the University of Massachusetts Lowel. It links to various other sites of amazing Illusions.
  • Eye Site Optical Illusions Think twice before you answer the questions. If you haven’t learned by now, you can’t always believe what you see.
  • Gallery of Visual Illusions What’s bigger, what’s smaller, is it parallel or not. You can prove it to yourself. These objects can be manipulated. Just click and drag.
  • Sight (Vision) Find the blind spot in your vision and watch objects disappear. Make colors appear from black and white. There are activities for all ages.
  • The Blind Spot and the Filling In Phenomena Ever wonder if your sense of color isn’t that great? There is a color blindness test. You can also learn how monitors and televisions use only a few colors but you see thousands. Just scroll down to the clown.
  • Eyetricks Illusions Check out this awesome gallery with 50 illusions. Then learn about a few famous illusion artists.
  • Grand Illusions Watch these videos and if you haven’t been astonished yet, you will be!
  • eChalk Optical Illusions These illusions are designed for kids and can easily be displayed on an Interactive Whiteboard.
  • Optical Illusions Archive This site boasts of having a selection of the most popular optical illusions. Is this puffery is this claim valid? You be the judge.
  • Mighty Optical Illusions How many faces are there at Mount Rushmore? Count again. Then check out some of these other illusions.
  • Optical, Visual, and Scary Illusions Have you lost all faith in what you think and see? Here are a few more illusions that will confuse or terrify you.
  • Brain Bashers Check out a random illusion, the top ten, or most recent. Then play games, solve puzzles, or get Sukoku.
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