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Reading Resources for Kids

It’s never too early to stoke an interest in reading among kids. Developing a love of reading is essential, as reading is the basic foundation of learning across all other subject. Some children might find books intimidating or difficult, but parents and teachers can encourage a love of reading by employing different strategies and tips. The following is a super-comprehensive resource of reading tips for kids, teachers, and parents.


  • Resource Page: Resource webpage from the School Home Links Reading Kit that offers dozens and dozens of links that feature activities to get kids to read better.
  • Reading Tips for Kids: Reading tips for kids who are struggling with hard reading material.
  • Reading Practice: Webpage that offers downloadable reading materials that kids can use for practice.
  • More Reading Practice: Reading practice based on specific books, intended to help kids who are struggling readers.
  • Word Central Resource: From Merriam Webster comes a webpage that teaches kids about how to pronounce words and vocabulary.
  • Focus on Words: Website that encourages kids to improve their vocabulary by addressing the Greek and Latin elements of English words.
  • Graphic Organizer Explained: Webpage that shows kids how to use a graphic organizer, which includes diagrams and explanations.
  • More Graphic Organizer Types: ThinkQuest webpage that details to kids what the purposes of graphic organizers are.
  • Learning Disabilities: Webpage that provides tips to kids who have learning disabilities, explaining how they can become better readers.
  • Summer Reading Tips: Tips by a professor on how kids can spend their summertime reading.


  • Reading Comprehension Strategies: Website that features a multitude of reading comprehension strategies that are designed for teachers in lesson plans.
  • Homonyms Lesson: Webpage that is useful for teachers who want to teach their students about picking out homonyms in what they read.
  • Reading Comprehension Tactics: Article written by instructor explains methods on how teachers can get kids to read more effectively.
  • Teacher Resource: Website for teachers that offers them ideas on how to teach reading comprehension skills to their students.
  • Graphic Organizers for Teachers: Webpage that provides graphic organizers for teachers, which they can use in reading lessons and projects for their students.
  • What Teachers Should Know: Webpage that instructs teachers on exactly what they should be able to teach their students.
  • Reading to Kids: Information that instructs teachers on how to read to kids to develop their interest in reading.
  • Successful Reading Tips: Reading tips that teachers can share with their students to get them to improve.


  • Reading Tips Resource Page: From the University of Mississippi comes a webpage that features several links to websites with reading tips for parents.
  • Tips for Better Reading: Webpage from the RIF organization that features brochures with tips for parents who want their kids to get better at reading.
  • Tips for Parents: Webpage of tips for parents to help their kids develop a reading interest includes advice from experts.
  • Materials and Resources: From the NEA comes a webpage that includes tips for parents to get their kids to start reading for pleasure.
  • List of Tips: From the Reading Rockets website comes a list of tips from kids themselves about what parents can do to help.
  • Parental Strategies: Strategies developed by the Reading Center that help parents come up with ideas on how to stoke a reading interest in kids.
  • Reading Strategies: Pamphlet that offers parents several reading tips for teaching their children how to read more.
  • Reading Tactics: Webpage that provides several reading tactic tips on getting parents to improve their kidsí reading skills.
  • Advice: Advice from the University of Michigan on how to promote reading in kids, in families.
  • Reading Suggestions: From the government comes a webpage that offers suggestions on how parents can turn their kids into readers.
  • Reading Cards: Webpage featuring activity cards that parents can use to help their kids get started in reading.
  • Reading Improvement: Webpage that offers parents tips so they can help their kids become stronger readers.
  • Reading Chair Website: Website that features reviews of kidsí books that are perfect for parents to use to encourage their kids to read.
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