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Foods Good for Vision & Your Health

A healthy, nutrient-rich diet is not only an important lifestyle choice, but it also helps to protect your vision and maintain good eyesight. Read below for more information on foods for vision, including a list of our favorite healthy recipes.

Foods Good for Vision and Your Health (plus recipes!)

The Benefits of Vitamin A
Foods containing vitamin A are known for their ability to help people maintain good eyesight and have excellent skin. Vitamin A-rich foods also act as an immune system booster. Other comprehensive studies show the retina and tissues found behind the eyes are a large source of vitamin A within the human body.

Xerophthalmia, a severe eye disorder, results from night blindness, causing closure of the cornea. This condition ultimately results in rupturing of the eyes. Foods with vitamin A have profound and sometimes immediate effects on those who suffer from Xerophthalmia. In some cases, patients get their eyesight back within 24 hours of their night blindness.

In addition to these benefits, vitamin A also helps keep eyes and retinas moist to prevent the onset of many eyesight problems. However, vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be harmful to your eyes if an improper dosage is taken. It is important to consult a doctor before taking vitamin A supplements for your eyes.

The easiest way to consume a correct amount of vitamin A is to eat foods containing the nutrient. Consuming these foods will not cause toxicity, so you can protect your eyes without worry. Foods containing vitamin A include:

-Sweet potatoes or yams
-Butternut squash

The Benefits of Zinc
Certain minerals are thought to be connected with healthy eyes. For example, studies show zinc helps reduce the risk of advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Consuming high levels of zinc, along with antioxidant vitamins, could help reduce the risk of developing AMD by about 25 percent.

Healthy Recipes for Sight
Good health begins with eating nutritious and wholesome foods. Eating good-for-you food will give your body the boost of energy it needs for you to exercise and accomplish the tasks in your day. We compiled a list of delicious, healthy recipes, including recipes for breakfast, entrees, snacks, dessert, salads, and smoothies. There are even some recipes for vegan eating! The first section provides links to the best resources on maintaining a healthy diet.


Eating Healthy


Healthy Breakfast Recipes


Healthy Dish Recipes


Vegan Recipes


Healthy Salad Recipes


Healthy Snack Recipes


Healthy Dessert Recipes


Healthy Smoothie Recipes

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