20/20 What? Sure, we all know the phrase “20/20 vision.” We even say things like, “Hindsight is 20/20,” knowing that having 20/20 vision is a good thing. Could you explain what that designation really means, though? Here’s a great explanation that will have you seeing clearly (ha!)

Vision Problems May Come From Your Thyroid: Purdue student Zeran Li was  studying fish when she made a discovery – there may be a link between your thyroid and your eyesight. Zeran Li won a grant to explore her theory further – if she’s right, it could mean you’d take a pill to correct your eyesight instead of putting on those glasses everyday.

Eyesight Myths: We’ve talked about the “sitting-to-close-to-the-tv-will-hurt-your-eyes” myth and the “reading-in-dim-light-is-bad” myth, but do you know the truth behind these THIRTEEN other common myths about eyesight?

Can 3D Make You Sick? With recent news that the Samsung 3D LED TV comes with “a substantial health warning” about the possible side effects of viewing 3D images, you might have wondered whether 3D was safe for you or your children. This article explains problems you could face and whether or not you should be worried before seeing the next 3D movie blockbuster.