Caffeine and Cataracts: Here’s some good news for you coffee and soft drink lovers! A new study has found that caffeine may help prevent cataracts from forming. Pass the sweet tea!

Night Vision: Would you like to use your phone as night vision goggles? You might be able to soon, thanks to the development of new night vision technology that could be added to anything from phones to ordinary eyeglasses. I always wanted to be a spy…

Bionic Eye: In what they’re calling the “biggest breakthrough since the Braille alphabet, Australian scientists have developed a bionic eye that might give sight back to those who have lost it.

1000-mile Trek Against Blindness: Check out this story about Lee Shayler, a man who has promised to walk one mile every hour until he reaches a thousand, all in an effort to raise money to fight blindness. Walking one mile every hour, 24-hours a day, would be difficult for anybody, but Shayler is also blind himself.  Check up on his progress here.

Healthy Eyes: Did you know May is Healthy Vision Month? I didn’t, either, but luckily the National Eye Institute is here to keep us seeing clearly. Check out these tips for healthy eyes.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mothers’ Day!

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