Happy Friday, readers! How was your week? Did you happen to see Shaun White obliterate the competition in the men’s Olympic half pipe? Completely amazing – it seemed almost too easy for him. The highlight for me, though, was last night’s men’s figure skating competition – besides getting to see the US’s own Evan Lysacek surprise everybody by winning the gold, I also enjoyed Johnny Weir’s flamboyant costumes. Looking forward to seeing the rumored fashion collection he’s planning.

Now on to eye news.

Optical Illusions: Do you ever see specks or “floaters” flash through your field of vision? Turns out those aren’t just your brain miscommunicating with your eyes – they actually exist. It’s irregularities in the fluid in your eye, which we sometimes see as shadows or specks of light. Most optical illusions, however, take place in the brain, not the eyes. Check out this article on the crazy ways your brain tricks your eyes.

Eye Twitching? Ever been in the middle of a conversation with someone when your eye starts twitching uncontrollably? Here’s a highly informative article on what causes eye spasms and how you can fix the problem.

3D Headaches: 3D movies are all the rage now, from the visually-astounding Avatar to revivals of the animated film Toy Story.  Some people are kept from fully enjoying the effects, though, when the technology involved ends up giving them headaches. This article explains how eye-muscle problems can lead to 3D discomfort. No worries, though – it also explains how new 3D technology should eliminate the problem.

Green Tea, the Super Drink: Last week I told you about new research into the vision benefits of eating fruits and green, leafy vegetables; now scientists are adding green tea to the mix. In addition to helping dieters lose weight and reputedly benefiting those with cancer, arthritis, and high cholesterol, green tea might help protect your eyes. Super drink, indeed!