Happy Friday once again, blog readers! I hope you are seeing clearly and anticipating a nice, relaxing weekend. We’ve got some interesting eye-news for you today.

Olympic Disappointment: First, here’s an update to the story I told you about several weeks ago involving the first legally blind skier to make an Olympic team. In a crushing blow, Brian McKeever found himself sidelined when Canadian coaches decided to put four of his teammates in the 50km race instead. Don’t count him out just yet, though – he’s currently preparing for 5 races in the Paralympic Games (which start tonight, by the way), and he’s looking forward to trying out for the 2014 Olympics in Russia. He’s definitely an example of what impact a little perseverence and determination can have on your life.

Drug-Dispensing Contacts: Hate putting eye drops in your eyes? Chalk up another point for technology. Researchers have created a type of contact lens that would deliver medicine to glaucoma sufferers or those with dry-eyes. No more eye drops running down your face!

The Origins of Sight: In a fascinating discovery, scientists have identified the first creature to have the ability to see. Six-hundred million years ago, the hydra ( a sea creature in the same family as the jellyfish) developed the same “genetic gateway” for vision that was later found in

humans. On an equally interesting sidenote, in researching the hydra, I also discovered that it is one of the few animals that doesn’t undergo aging. That’s right – they are biologically immortal!

Love your iPhone? Well, now your eyes can love it, too. A new iPhone app purports to not only entertain your mind but also to exercise your eyes. With three different games that test and improve your eyesight (including one that checks for color-blindness), the app looks like a fun way to keep your eyes in tip-top shape. Plus, the “Eye Facts” section includes information on eye anatomy, conditions, and other ways you can improve your vision.