Ready for your Eye News updates for the week? I’ve got some interesting tidbits for you today. Let’s get to it.

First Up: This boggles my mind. This soldier lost his eyesight in Iraq three years ago. Today he wears something called a BrainPort device, which consists of what looks like a square plastic lollipop and sunglasses with a small video camera attached. He puts the lollipop in his mouth and voilà, images from the camera are turned into electrical impulses that he senses with his tongue. That’s right, he sees with his tongue. Like a snake. Ah, the miracles of technology.

World Glaucoma Week: Here’s a useful link for those of us at risk for glaucoma, a condition that’s expected to affect 80 million globally by 2020. While World Glaucoma Week was actually last week, the article offers updates on symptoms, research, and prevention. Another useful resource is WebMD’s Glaucoma and Your Eyes, which explains just how glaucoma works and what steps you can take to treat it.

Infant Cataracts: Read here about Carter Moll, an 8-year old who was diagnosed with cataracts. Besides Carter’s moving story, this article also has some interesting information about how our eyes work at birth. Did you know that all babies are born with poor vision? That’s why it’s so important to have your child’s eyes checked at 6 months, 3 years, and 5 years – if problems aren’t fixed early, babies can’t develop the good eyesight they need.

Have a great weekend!