Welcome to this week’s Eye News Roundup! Here’s your weekly dose of the latest in eye news and vision care.

Itchy Eyes: I think we’re all happy that spring is finally here, but for those of us with allergies, spring brings more than just sunshine. Have your eyes been dry, red, or itchy? There’s plenty of resources online for those suffering from eye allergies, including this informative article on causes and remedies and this free eye allergy brochure, which includes tips for preventing symptoms.

Chocolate as Surgical Aid: This is my kind of medicine. New research suggests that chocolate can work as a sedative, calming a patient’s nerves before surgery. Dan Reinstein, a laser eye surgeon, even recommends that his patients eat “as much [chocolate] as they can” before his procedures. No problem, Dr. Reinstein!

Can You See the Seam Rotation on a Spinning Baseball? Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson is trying something new to improve his game: contact lenses. Though he’s never worn contacts before and his vision is only slightly less than 20/20, Granderson is hoping the improved ability to focus will have a positive impact on his performance this season. But will the irritation on windy days end up doing more harm than good? Only time will tell.

Medical Advancements in Glaucoma Testing: Here’s some good news for those of us at risk for glaucoma, a silent disease that often is detected too late to prevent major damage to the eyes. Using Raman spectroscopy, researchers have been testing a procedure that would detect glaucoma before it does any damage. The same technology is also being tested for its use in diagnosing cancer.