As temperatures rise and garages beg to be cleaned, it’s official that spring is (finally) here. If you’re as excited about this as we are, you’ve probably been looking forward to trading in those winter readers for something a bit more lively. Welcome spring wholeheartedly with these four seasonal eyewear trends:

Spring 2015 Reading Glasses

1. Florals

Floral Reading Glasses

The Tess shown above

Florals for spring? It may seem obvious but florals are showing up in eyewear just in time for Spring 2015. Freshen up your look, ditch the winter apparel, and update your readers with soft, feminine patterns and colors. For a matte finish try The Gemma or go with a standard glossy frame in The Tess.

2. Matte and Frosted Finishes

Matte Reading Glasses

The Winston shown above

Try a new finish this season. Matte and frosted finishes on readers are making a name for themselves this spring and come in a wide variety of styles, patterns, and colors. Unlike their glossy counterparts, matte and frosted finishes are dull or flat, and contain no shine. Mix this finish with bright colors for a whole new look in The Winston.

3. Wood Textures

Wood Reading Glasses

The Scout Bamboo shown above

This spring, eyewear is expanding beyond plastic and metal frames for something a little more down to earth. We’re thinking closer to wood. Eyewear is starting to see wood and wood textures infused in frame designs, especially along the temples. For wood textures check out The Fitzgerald or look at The Scout Bamboo for real, recycled bamboo.

4. Inner Bifocals

Inner Bifocal Sun Readers

The Bali shown above

Inner bifocals provide the same vision benefits as standard bifocals with a little more subtlety. Placing the bifocal magnification on the inner part of the lens makes readers look less like bifocals and more like normal sunglasses. Get ready for the sun this season with inner bifocal sun readers like The Bali and The Caribbean.

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