Nearly 300 million people log into Facebook each and every day. With numbers that high, it’s easy to feel lost in the crowd, especially if you’re a new or novice user. But take heart — here are six easy tips to improve your Facebook experience. (And don’t forget to read up on these common Facebook faux pas when you’re done!)

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Facebook Login Homepage

1. Find More Friends

how to find friends on facebook

You probably already have most of your friends in your email contact list. Click the Find Friends link on the footer of the Facebook homepage, where you can enter your email account info and have the site show you which of your contacts are already on Facebook. From there, it’s a simple matter to send out friend requests and jumpstart your own social network.


2. Share with Care

how to change share settings on facebook

Don’t want your boss to see that picture of you with your feet up on your desk? When you post a photo, video, or even a status update, use the audience selector tool to decide exactly with whom you wish to share. The default setting is the last one you used, so if you shared your last post with everyone, your next one will do the same unless you change it again.


3. Clear the Clutter

how to get rid of app requests on facebook

Want to get rid of some of those annoying notifications so you no longer have to fake interest in your Uncle Carl’s Facebook farm? Click the Account Settings button, then click the Notifications tab. Head straight to “App requests and activity” and squash those pesky updates at the source.


4. Change It Up

how to change your facebook profile picture

Embarrassed by that awful profile picture you thought looked so dashing six months ago? Click the Profile button on your Facebook homepage. Hover your mouse over your current profile picture, and you’ll find another button that says “Edit Profile Picture.” Click this, and you can upload a new profile picture, use a picture you’ve already uploaded, or even grab an image from a friend’s photo album.


5. Go Mobile

how to use facebook mobile

The tiny print on the Facebook apps for iPhones and Android smartphones may require a good pair of readers, but there are definite advantages. Waiting in a long line at the store is a great time to check your updates. You can also snap a picture of that gorgeous sunset or shoot a video of your granddaughter taking her first wobbly bike ride and post it directly to your account in seconds flat. Doing some summer traveling? Be sure to use Facebook Check In to tell your friends you’re in the neighborhood.


6. Spread the Word

how to share links on facebook

Enjoying this blog post or some other article online, and want to share it with your friends? Press the share button on this page, or even better, copy the link in your browser’s address bar and simply paste it into a status update message, along with your comments. Facebook will automatically create a link so your friends can read the same article and leave a comment of their own.

Be sure to try out these new tips for yourself, and let us know what you think!

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