At last, cold winter weather is behind us and spring is in full swing. It’s time to get outside and experience all the fun of the season. Here are seven fun (and unique!) activities that’ll get you and your family out and about!

7 family activities for spring

1. Go horseback riding.

Trail rides are fun for the whole family, especially if you or your kids have never experienced riding a horse before! Liven things up even more by taking a guided night ride. Use this handy stable finder to find a place to ride near you.

2. Drive an adventure.

Go for a drive with no intent of getting anywhere in particular. Turn off your GPS,  open all the car windows, and head down that windy country road you’ve always wondered about. Take turns deciding whether to turn left, right, or go straight at each new intersection.

3. Install a tire swing.

If you have mature trees in your yard, you can easily install a tire swing. All you need is a sturdy branch, an old tire, and a length of chain or thick rope. Find step-by-step DIY instructions here. Your swing will last forever and will be a new neighborhood attraction for the kids (and perhaps the adults, too)!

4. Play a round of frisbee golf.

There is likely more than one frisbee golf course in your area, but you can enjoy a round in the comfort of your neighborhood park or your own backyard. All you need is a different colored frisbee for every player, some room to roam, and baskets or hula hoops to aim for. Check out this video for a great explanation of frisbee golf rules. 

5. Hunt for wildflowers.

Find a scenic patch in the countryside and arm everyone in your group with a wildflower guidebook. Make it a game by seeing who can identify the most blossoms. Bring home a few choice specimens to press for your scrapbook or to create a colorful spring arrangement for the dinner table.

6. Play a yard game.

Even a small lawn or sidewalk can support a game of horseshoes, badminton, or croquet. The equipment is probably already stashed away in your garage or basement. How long has it been since you last pulled it out to enjoy some friendly competition with the family?

7. Go berry picking.

Nearly every community has some sort of pick-it-yourself farm nearby. This is an activity you’ll enjoy twice — once when you do the picking, and a second time back home when you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Keep the fun going in the kitchen by baking a sweet treat from scratch with your harvest.