5 Ways to try Something New This Fall

A new season is all about new beginnings, and here at Readers.com, we look for any reason we can to try something new.

Trying new things can feel daunting, but pushing yourself to live outside your comfort zone is one of the most rewarding things you can do, at any stage of life. We love the fact that wearing reading glasses can help you not only do the things you already enjoy doing, but show you that it’s never too late to try something new as well.

Check out these 5 ways to try something new this fall, and make sure you stock up with the best readers to help you along the way.

1. Take a Cooking Class

Even if you’ve been preparing meals for the family for decades, a cooking class can totally change your perspective on your approach to the kitchen. A great activity to do with your spouse or partner, a cooking class makes for a great date night or afternoon excursion.

Try out a class at your local Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma, or find something off the beaten path. And if you really want to sharpen your culinary chops, consider enrolling in a six-week course. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn!

2. Go to a Yoga Workshop

Whether you’ve never been to a yoga class or you practice daily, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on the basics. Many local yoga studios and gyms offer Intro to Yoga workshops that last as little as a few hours, or as long as an entire weekend.

Grab a friend, grab a mat, and go try something new that’s not only relaxing and stress-relieving, but great for your overall physical health.

Wondering where to begin? Download the free MINDBODY app to see what local yoga studios in your area have to offer.

3. Visit a Museum

If you’re like most of us, there is probably a museum or two in your hometown (or at least near your hometown) that somehow you’ve just never been to. Our hometown of Indianapolis is full of amazing museums that we need to take better advantage of!

Pop into your local art museum on a Sunday afternoon, or make an entire day of it. If you live in the suburbs of a bigger city, take a little road trip with the grandkids to a museum you can all enjoy. You’ll learn something new and have a lot of fun along the way.

4. Walk for a Cause

You don’t have to be an elite runner to participate in a 5k race. Walk one, instead! Complete the race with just you and your headphones, or register with a group and have some fun doing training walks leading up to the big day.

Many 5k races are attached to charitable causes. Just google a particular cause you care about and see if there are any upcoming races or walks you can join. This tool is also great for finding 5k events in your local town.

5. Learn to Read Music

Maybe you grew up taking piano lessons but have gotten rusty over the years. Or maybe you can play guitar by ear, but you never learned to read the notes. Either way, it’s never too late to learn!

While private lessons are the fastest way to learn something like reading music, there are countless other methods out there today. YouTube is an awesome resource for tutorials on learning to play instruments and reading music, in addition to course-based web programs like those on Udemy and Skillshare.

Find the method that works best for you, set a goal, and have fun!

How are you planning to try something new this fall? Why not get started on the right foot with a brand new pair of readers? You’ll be glad you did!

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