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As the kids transition out of your home, you’ll likely wind up having a little more free time. Transitioning from a house full of activity to one that seems quiet isn’t easy at first. Adjusting starts with giving yourself time to do the things you love most and shifting your focus back to you — your dreams, hobbies, the things that truly make you happy. We’ve talked with three expert bloggers about how to make the most of your empty nest. Enjoy their special advice below!

3 Ways to Shift Your Focus Back to You

Back to: Food

by Susan of That Susan Williams

Susan Williams (that’s her pictured above!) comes to us with a passion for food and faith. She’s a born storyteller who believes everyone is capable of serving up a delicious meal. As Susan’s two children have grown up, she’s become even fonder of both cooking and hosting dinners. She’s a firm believer that anyone can learn to love to cook. With the kids out of the house, now is the perfect time!

Head over to her post for her seven tips on becoming a better cook (and enjoying yourself in the process). For starters, woo your dinner guests with her fresh summer linguine recipe!

Back to: Travel

by Carol of Carol Cassara

Carol Cassara has spent her life living in various cities around the U.S., and she plans yearly exotic trips with her husband to places like Morocco and India. Carol keeps a suitcase half-packed at all times and is ready for a journey at the drop of a hat — what an inspiration!

When it comes to packing and planning the trip of your dreams, take advice from a woman who’s been around the world. Check out her post and embrace a trip dedicated to you (and only you)!

Back to: Discovery

by Sharon of Empty Nest Full Mind

Sharon Greenthal is a mother of two grown kids, and she’s been adjusting to an empty nest, too. Whether your kids are heading off to college for the first time or moving out of your home for good, you’re sure to experience a whirlwind of emotions. We’re looking to Sharon for tips on how to follow the road that leads back to you.

The first step is to think back to your own years growing up — what did you love to do? Visit Sharon’s post for tips on how to indulge in those activities now.


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