Hello RGS friends!

Gosh we just LOVE? Friday: There’s nothing like the freedom of Saturday just at our fingertips, the easygoing atmosphere in the office today, and the madness of Super Bowl weekend finally upon us! We are beyond excited about SB 46 taking place in our lovely hometown, especially since we just caught word that the handsome George Clooney recently arrived in Indy. Yeah, our hearts are melting, too 🙂

As you take a break from your work day to think about how wonderfully handsome Mr. Clooney is, here are a few more quotes and lovely inspirations to help you escape from your busy Friday schedule and welcome the weekend the right way. (Our apologies guys, we’re in a ridiculously girly mood today.)

Relax, indulge, and enjoy!

We’ll take the desserts:

stressed desserts sign


Always remain optimistic:

be optimistic sign


Love this:

bottle cap saying(source)

Birthday martinis YUM:

birthday cake martini (source)

Sticky note inspiration wall:

sticky note inspiration wall(source)

Yes you can:

you can do anything sign(source)

This is the cutest sweets display:

cute dessert table(source)

Love the femininity and shades of red:

red heart purse(source)

Warhol’s wise words:

andy warhol quote poster(source)

Crepe paper flowers!

diy paper flowers (source)

Kate Spade says it perfectly:

kate spade dress up quote(source)

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Have a fabulous weekend,