If you’re an older individual who uses reading glasses, you may be interested in finding a pair of glasses that make you look younger. Readers come in a range of options and can be a stylish accessory to your overall look. Read on to learn how to choose a frame shape, color, and size that works with your facial features to help give you a more youthful appearance.  

Frame Shapes That Make You Look Younger 

Eyeglass frames come in a variety of shapes. One way to help your reading glasses make you look more youthful is to choose a frame that draws the eye upward. Such options include: 

  • Cat Eye – This frame shape is a classic choice that never goes out of style. The upswept corners that mimic the shape of a cat’s eye naturally draw attention to your cheekbones and the top part of your face.    
  • Browline – Browline frames are another style that draws the eye up toward your eyebrows. The upper portion of the frame (near the browline) is thicker, while the rest is often made of a thin metal.  
  • Round – Choosing a glasses frame with rounded edges can help you look younger, as this shape tends to soften the angles of your face to create a lifted look.   

Each of these frames can be flattering for most face shapes, making them a versatile option at nearly any age. 

Frame Colors That Make You Look Younger  

The color of your eyeglasses frame is a great way to express your personality, and certain frame colors may help lend to a younger-looking appearance. A good rule of thumb is to choose a color that complements your skin tone along with your eye and hair color. 

In general, warmer tones like brown, red, orange, and yellow enhance your facial features, but don’t be afraid to experiment with color: 

  • Green – Try a green frame to bring warmth to your face. Green frames often look great on people who have green eyes.  
  • Red – A red frame helps brighten your face, which can give you a more youthful look. 
  • Blue, pink, and orange – These hues tend to flatter mature skin tones. Choosing frames in blue, pink, or orange can create a youthful look.  
  • Tortoiseshell – A tortoiseshell frame in the classic rich brown and gold pattern is often considered both stylish and timeless. 
  • Brown and black – There are different opinions about whether brown and black frames make you look older or younger. If brown is your preference, a frame with a clear fade is a way to wear this color and still appear more youthful. If you prefer black, consider something with a little bling 

Don’t Get Stuck on Face Shape 

You may have heard that certain frames look better on some face shapes than others. For example, square and cat-eye frames are often flattering on a round face. Knowing your face shape can help when you’re shopping for new reading glasses, but it’s not the only thing to consider.  

Faces change as people age, so don’t rule out a pair of glasses you like because they don’t necessarily work for your face shape. A different way to find reading glasses that make you look younger is to use the shape of your eyebrows as a guide and to select eyewear that follows your browline: 

  • Curved eyebrows – If your eyebrows are curved, consider trying a round frame.  
  • Straight eyebrows – A browline frame is often a flattering style for eyebrows that are straight.  

You want your glasses to draw attention to your eyes. Opting for a frame that has the same shape as your brows can help prevent the visual effect of having two different lines on your face.  

Choose the Right Frame Size 

Perhaps the most important feature of any eyeglasses that make you look younger is how they fit. Frames come in different sizes and you want to make sure yours sit comfortably on your face. It’s a good idea to measure your face before you buy reading glasses online so they fit well and you can begin enjoying them the day they arrive.  

Your readers should reflect your unique style, be comfortable, and help you see more clearly. Now that you have some tips on how to find the best glasses to make you look younger, spend some time on Readers.com to find your perfect pair.   

By Meredith Marmurek


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