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Just like wine and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and Batman and Robin, the best combinations occur when the two elements complement each other. We believe the same to be true about face shapes and glasses.

To find the pair of glasses that will look the best on you, you must first find your face shape. Once you know which shape your face most closely resembles, then you can start narrowing down glasses styles that will complement the shape. Read on to find your face shape and learn about which frame styles complement each face shape.

best glasses for your face shape

What’s My Face Shape?

The first step towards finding the perfect pair of glasses is to find your face shape. Because every face is unique in the angles and lines that make up the face, try to pick the shape that most strongly resembles your face. The four most common face shapes are square, oval, heart, and round face shapes.

To find your face shape you can use a couple different methods. The easiest method is to ask a friend or family member. Another method is to trace your face shape with a bar of soap, dry erase marker, or some lipstick in the mirror.

You can also measure the width of different parts of your face, and then deduce a shape based on the results. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Measure your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw with a measuring tape. Are they equal? If the answer is no, proceed to step number 4.
  2. If your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are equal, then your face is either round, oval, or square. Next, look at your jaw. Is it round or is it square? If it’s square, then you have a square-shaped face shape. If it’s round, move on to the next step.
  3. Look at the length of your face. Is it short or long? If it’s short, then you have a round face. If it’s long, you have a more oval or oblong face shape.
  4. If your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are unequal, and your cheekbones or forehead are wider than your jaw with your chin coming to a point, then you have a heart-shaped face.

Types of Face Shapes

While we only focus on four face shapes, other shapes include diamond, triangle, and pear face shapes. Find your face shape below to see which frame styles will look best on you:

Best Glasses for Square Face Shapes

best glasses for square faces

Best Frame Shapes: Round, Aviator, Oval, Cat Eye

Square faces are distinguished by a wide forehead and cheekbones, and a strong, rectangular jaw line. To soften these boxy features, choose oval or round-shaped glasses. Even aviator and cat eye style frames have the right amount of softness to complement your face, but we recommend staying away from square or rectangular styles.

Also note that although rimless glasses are not technically a shape, they are a characteristic that will also help to soften your features!

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Best Glasses for Heart Face Shapes

best glasses for heart faces

Best Frame Shapes: Rectangle, Retro Square, Cat Eye

The heart-shaped or triangle-shaped face is very distinguishable: it’s characterized by a sharp jaw line and a wide forehead. To balance a pointed chin, choose wide, upswept styles like cat eyes, rectangular glasses, and retro square glasses.

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Best Glasses for Oval Face Shapes

best glasses for oval faces

Best Frame Shapes: Rectangle, Retro Square, Round

Oval and oblong face shapes are lucky; they can basically pull off any type of glasses style. Round, rectangle, aviator, or retro square — take your pick! Although you have a lot of options, keep proportion in mind: rimless or half frame readers work well with petite faces while full frame glasses are best for longer faces.

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 Best Glasses for Round Face Shapes

best glasses for round faces

Best Frame Shapes: Rectangle, Retro Square, Browline

Since round faces are free of harsh angles, it’s best to add dimension with a pair of rectangular glasses. Uniquely-angled frames like cat eyes and retro square glasses also add dimension to soft features. Make sure to avoid round styles, which will only add extra width and curviness to a circular shape.

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