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If you wear reading glasses and like to read outside, garden, fish, or even lunch on an outdoor patio, you know what it’s like to juggle between your sunglasses and readers. Luckily, there are reading sunglasses to solve this dilemma. If you have any outdoor hobbies that involve up-close work — such as scoring golf or reading a trail map — reading sunglasses can assist you with those tasks.

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What are Sun Readers?

What are reading sunglasses?
Reading sunglasses are exactly what they seem: sunglasses that have a reading glasses prescription. There are two main kinds of reading sunglasses: bifocal sunglasses and full sun readers.

What are bifocal reading sunglasses?
Bifocal reader sunglasses have a small area of magnifying lens at the bottom with tinted, non-prescription sunglass above. These are perfect if you want to read by the pool, but often need to look up over the magnified portion to see your kids in the water.

What are full-frame sun readers?
With full reader sunglasses, the entire lens is magnified for a wider line of vision. When you look over your full reading sunglasses to see in the distance, your eyes won’t be protected by the sunglasses.

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