Gift Guide Graduation

Graduation is a big and exciting event for both graduates and those celebrating their success. With so many things to consider as graduates move on to the next phase in their life, finding good graduation gifts can certainly be difficult. If you’re struggling with gift ideas, don’t worry – we’ve compiled a list of fun and practical graduation present ideas that graduates will both appreciate and use.

For High School Graduation:

Graduation Gift Guide

Fun Gifts

1. College Apparel — If the graduate plans on going to college, get them apparel that you know they’ll wear for the next four years. We suggest vintage college shirts and sweatshirts from stores like Homage — If their school isn’t listed, you can always check out FansEdge, instead.

2. Noise Canceling Headphones — Whether they’re streaming their favorite TV shows or studying for an exam, noise canceling headphones tune out the noise on college campuses. With options under $50, headphones are a valuable graduation gift.

3. City Map Print — For a little slice of home away from home, consider gifting a city map print to hang up in your graduate’s dorm room. With a variety of colors to choose from and customizable options, there’s a map in there for everyone.

4. Cookie Subscription — College kids love care packages. They especially love care packages filled with cookies. For graduation, cut them a homemade deal that you will send them a care package every month filled with cookies.

Practical Gifts

1. Cash and Quarters — No college student is going to complain about getting cash. To put a personal and fun spin on handing over the dough, place $20- $50 in quarters in a jar with the tag “Laundry Money” attached.

2. Student Planner — Student planners help with staying organized and with managing time, two very important things for college freshmen. A good student planner is invaluable, and you can even find personalized ones on Etsy for only $20.

3. Microwave or Mini Fridge — College kids value their cold beverages, as well as their microwavable hot pockets. We can assure you that  if you buy them a microwave or a mini fridge, your money will not be wasted in vain.

4. Fan — For a majority of freshmen, their dorm will not be air conditioned and will be incredibly hot for at least a month or two. Once your graduate realizes just how hot their dorm room can become, they’ll be forever grateful for that high-powered fan you gifted them.

For College Graduation:

Grad Gifts 2015

Fun Gifts

1. Watch or Bracelet — If you’re looking to splurge a little on the college graduate, consider buying a nice watch or a simple, gold or silver bracelet. This will be a piece they wear for years to come.

2. Luggage — The college duffel bag has been through a lot. Update their worn out luggage with something that will be professional and light for when they travel, such as a bag from Baggu.

3. Wine Glasses — Wine glasses are things that graduates might not want to buy for themselves but will definitely use, especially when they have guests over. Not only will they appreciate drinking wine from glasses instead of plastic cups, they might even toast to you as well.

4. Subscription to Birchbox for Men and Women — Gift a subscription to Birchbox as a fun solution to a hectic, post-grad schedule. Starting at $10 a month, you can gift a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription to the graduate and they will receive beauty products and samples every month.

Practical Gifts

1. Cash — Getting started right away in a new city can be tough, especially when you haven’t started working yet. Bottom line: graduates need cash, and they’ll accept it happily.

2. Tool Set — Although a tool set might not be the most exciting present, it is handy on many occasions. Whether hanging up curtains or assembling new furniture, a tool set will be a necessity for any post grad.

3. Cookbook — It’s time for the college students to face the truth: they can no longer live entirely off of ramen and pizza rolls. Get them a cook book such as How to Boil Water: Life Beyond Takeout for quick and simple recipes.

4. Portable Coffee Mug — Last but not least, we cannot express the importance of a good travel mug. For the graduate starting to work long hours, coffee will be their new best friend and a travel mug that doesn’t spill (such as Contigo mugs) will be their new soulmate.

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