It’s no secret that you love your grandchildren — and you only want the best for them! While your first instinct may be to spoil them with sugary treats and Happy Meals, it is important to keep nutrition in mind. Check out these health-conscious tips for feeding your favorite little monsters!

ants on a log

Make it colorful.

As a nutritional rule, it is recommended that meals be composed of at least three colors. This is a perfect chance to throw in a variety of fruits and vegetables. For example, baked chicken nuggets with a side of carrots, peas, and applesauce add some color to the plate and lots of vitamins and nutrients — you know? The good stuff!

Watch portion size.

Children typically have eyes bigger than their stomach. Don’t allow little ones to make their own plate. Properly portion their foods, with the fruits and veggies taking up the majority of the plate. This not only discourages food from being wasted, but prevents tummy aches as well!

Beware of sugary drinks.

Sugary drinks are an easy way to take in calories, not to mention their effect on baby teeth. While fruit juices may seem harmless, they often have more sugar than soda! Opt for low-sugar juices, sugar-free Kool-Aid, water, or best of all, milk!

Fiber and protein rule.

Fiber and protein are essential for not only a healthy digestive system, but also for making your lovies feel full and satisfied. Apple slices and celery sticks not going over well with the little ones? Add some protein-packed peanut butter and raisins (also known as “Ants on a Log”, pictured above) for a sweet and substantial snack, or create a fruit and yogurt parfait with granola to add some fiber.

It’s okay to treat — occasionally.

While it is important to be healthy, it is also important to treat and indulge with your grandkids. Try to keep sugary treats or overly fatty snacks to a minimum. An occasional piece of candy or a homemade cookie not only keep the kiddies happy, but also make grandma’s house a little more special!

Involve the kids!

What better way to spend quality time with your grandkids — and help them make nutritionally sound choices — than to get them involved in the food preparation? Find fun snack ideas online to try or break out your best homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe.

What do you give the grandkids to eat when they visit? Do you keep it healthy? Or do you spoil them rotten? 😉