Guy Pearce may not have as many fangirls as Christian Bale or Ryan Gosling but that does not make him any less handsome!

guy pearce

Not convinced? Would knowing he recently saved Kate Winslet’s life help?

According to, the pair “had a very close call” one day filming their HBO miniseries “Mildred Pierce.” Set during The Great Depression, Guy was driving an “unwieldy 1929 Cord automobile with heavy steering and awkward gears” when a van turned onto their road without seeing them.

“We both had to sort of swerve to get out of each other’s way,” Guy says, “and I thought…wow!”

As if Kate’s confession of her teenage crush on him (a la Mike in “Neighbors”) and a handful of love scenes (which Guy described in The Australian as “essential”) were not enough to bring them together! Here is something Kate might not know: Guy has a crush on her, too.

In the same article that depicts their almost accident, Guy says, “My wife has as much of a crush on Kate as I do, so she was pleased for me.” Sounds like the perfect on-screen match!

Here is a photo of Kate and Guy going all-out contemporary at the “Mildred Pierce” New York premiere.

guy pearce glasses

One more reason we love Guy: His thick retro square glasses. Want to get in on the hipster phenomenon or have an accessory to complete your suave debonair look? Now you can with our Red Bluff reading glasses. Get yours today!

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