Whether you’ve worn glasses for years, or you’re new to the reading glasses game, you’ve undoubtedly noticed how quickly your lenses become dirty even though you don’t ever remember touching your lenses.

Many of us make a conscious effort to not touch our faces for many health and hygiene reasons – but try as we might, our lenses still end up with unknown spots and smudges. What you may not realize is that on average, we touch our faces 15 times an hour*. In addition, we are exposed to all kinds of elements throughout the day, causing debris to stick to the lenses of our readers.

We decided to investigate the most common ways the lenses of your readers can become dirty while going through your normal daily routine… and the end result surprised us.

How Did My Reading Glasses Get So Dirty

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It’s easy to see that you don’t have to actually touch your lenses for them to become dirty. Are there other ways that are a common nuisance for you? Comment below!

*Sources: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene A Study Quantifying the Hand-to-Face Contact Rate and Its Potential Application to Predicting Respiratory Tract Infection

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