Remember all of those flowers you worked hard to plant this spring? It’s now time to reap the benefits from your hard work! Homemade flower arrangements are a great way to enjoy your blooms to the fullest and give your home a sweet and airy summertime feel. If you don’t have a flower garden that’s ok–flowers from a local grocery store or farmer’s’ market work great too!

Here are 5 steps for creating a beautiful flower arrangement:

1. Create a grid out of tape

If you’re using florals with top heavy blooms, then creating a grid out of clear tape is a  great and effective way to support your flowers. If you’re using flowers with longer stems, you’ll want to be sure to cut the stems down before placing your flowers in the grid openings.

2. Incorporate branches

Adding branches to your flower arrangement not only adds texture, but they also help to support more delicate stems that you might have in your arrangement. Using branches is a great way to incorporate foliage that you already have in your own backyard.

3.  Use complimentary colors

When it comes to creating a flower arrangement, color is the most important factor. Consider colors that complement each other, such as yellows and purples, pinks and blues. White florals and baby’s breath are great for adding a touch of softness to your arrangement.

4. Layer your flowers

Once you are ready to place your flowers in your arrangement, you should begin by placing your larger and more dominant flowers in your vessel first. Next, you should use a second variety of flowers to create an inner circle. As you continue this process, try to create a domed effect by leaving the stems slightly longer on the inner flowers.

5. Add berries or other greenery last

Once you have your flowers arranged to your liking, it is now time to add berries and other greenery. These elements are optional, but they help to add texture and visual interest to your arrangement. An added bonus of using these elements is that they add fullness to your arrangement, giving an extravagant look without an extravagant price.