The spring season offers nature a chance to start anew, from the blooming flowers and budding trees to the fresh green grass. Likewise, there is no time like the present to relieve the stress that has built up over the cold, dreary winter and start the spring with a clean, positive perspective. While many consider now a great time for spring cleaning your closet, we recommend applying the same approach to your life as a whole. Here are five great tips for “spring cleaning” your life:

Get Organized

relieve stress by getting organized

Getting organized can be done physically, and metaphorically. Perhaps the clutter in your life is causing you stress. Whether this stress comes from a messy house, disorganized finances, or a mental disarray caused by overexertion and a busy schedule, now is the time to clear away the clutter and get organized! Think about what is truly important, and do away with everything else. This may seem easier said than done, but in the end your stress level will decrease significantly.

Get Active

tips for reducing stress

While you may not realize it, physical activity is connected to your mood. A sluggish lifestyle can result in a negative mindset and an overall increase in stress. As the weather improves, take this opportunity to get outside and clear your head. Take an evening walk, go for a long Saturday afternoon bike ride, or enroll in a calming fitness class such as yoga.

Get Outside

spend time outside to reduce stress

Spring’s warm weather and sunshine can also relieve stress and leave your mood lifted. Whatever stressors are currently present in your life, time spent reading on the front porch or dining on the patio can have a tremendous effect. Take the time to enjoy the small things in life and forget the worries that are plaguing you.

Get Away

getaway to reduce stress

 Whether you have the luxury of heading off on a week-long beach vacation, or can only take a weekend at the local spa, leaving behind the scenery that causes you stress can help significantly. Take a trip with loved ones, or try something new and go on an adventure all by yourself!

Get Back To You

tips for reducing stress

All too often, we allow things that are out of our control to plague our lives in the form of stress. Rather than letting these factors consume your thoughts, take action and do something for you. Enroll in a cooking class, volunteer with a local charity, take up gardening, or adopt a pet — just do something that makes you happy. Simple pleasures can work wonders!

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