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Does that new iPad you received as a holiday gift seem a bit daunting to you? Fear not. First, follow the basic steps in the first part of our two-part post here. Then, try these tips — you’ll have your iPad up and running in no time! (Who says you can’t master the technology your kids/grandkids just gave you like a pro?)


8. About Those Apps

The built-in apps (mobile applications) on your iPad offer a lot of functionality. You can check and send email, surf the web, snap and share photos and videos, and a lot more. But believe it or not, you’ve barely scratched the surface of what your new iPad is capable of doing. You can purchase and play music, rent and watch your favorite movies and TV shows, or download and run even more apps that will help you do everything from track a package to planning your next vacation. Many of these apps are free, while others cost just $.99!

9. Set Up Your Apple ID

Before downloading apps to your new iPad, however, you will need to sign up for an Apple ID, if you don’t already have one. Here’s how:

Tap the settings icon, then scroll down to the iTunes and App Store button. Scrolling is easy on the iPad — just slide a finger up or down the screen in the direction you want to move. You can also ask Siri to open your iPad’s settings for you. Press and hold the “Home” button until you hear a beep, then say, “Open App Store settings.”

Tap Apple ID, then “Create a New Apple ID.” Along with your email address and other contact information, you’ll be asked to enter a credit card number. Even if you plan to limit yourself to free apps and content, you’ll still need to have payment information on file. The good news is, if you absolutely do not want to give out your credit card number, you can purchase an iTunes gift card and use it for your payment method.

10. How to Install Apps

Now let’s go to the App Store and find a few new apps to investigate. Tap the App Store icon (it looks like this), and at the bottom of the first screen, you’ll see tabs for Featured, Top Charts, Near Me, Search, and Updates. Browse any of these categories and find something appealing, or tap the search icon and type in Facebook. Hey, that one’s free, and if you tap the Free button, then the Install button, in just a few seconds you’ll be invited to “Open” the app.

Now you can keep up with the family and friends from the comfort of your couch — or even stretched out on your backyard hammock. You can even snap a photo and upload it to your Facebook timeline from right there inside the app. (Learn how to do that with this Facebook for Beginners post.) Best of all, now that you have an iPad, finally, you’ll get to see for yourself what all that ruckus about “Angry Birds” and “Candy Crush” are all about!

11. Take Awesome Photos (and Videos)

To take photos on your iPad like a pro, tap the Camera icon on the Home screen. The app will open, and you will now see the world around you through the lens of your iPad. Once you find a subject to photograph, press the Capture button (it’s that camera icon at the bottom center of your screen) to take a picture. To focus, tap the screen in the area of your subject to sharpen the image.

(To take a video, move the slider at the bottom righthand corner to the little icon that looks like a video camera, then press the red record button to start. Tap the red button again when you wish to stop recording.)

12. View Your Photos

Your photos will save automatically to your iPad. To review past photos, click the thumbnail image in the bottom lefthand corner of your Camera screen. Move your finger left or right to scroll through all of the photos/videos you have taken.

The photos will also be stored and accessible via your Photos app on your Home screen.

Please note: This is Part II of a two-part series. To take things back to the very beginning, please read Part I first. Once you have mastered all steps, browse these articles featuring great tips and tidbits for new iPad users: