Around, glasses = JOY! And we’d like everyone else to have that same feeling about their readers, too. Glasses should make you feel good, and it’s time we changed the stigma around wearing them. (No more “four-eyes” or “I’m old[er] because I wear computer readers!” comments, please!) That’s why we’ve set out to find real people living life to the fullest in a campaign called, “Life Through the Lens.”

We asked our favorite bloggers to send us pictures or videos sharing their stories or stylish moments, fun activities, useful tips, and moments of pure happiness while wearing their glasses. Take a look at each bloggers’ photo/video, read their stories, and get inspired to live life through the lens!

Cathy of An Empowered Spirit

Cathy of An Empowered Spirit gives advice on wearing glasses!

Read more about Cathy’s life through the lens. Plus, watch her amazing video!

(And get her look with the Jennifer, Arlene, and Lucille readers!)

Brett of Silvergirl

Brett of Silvergirl gives advice on living life through the lens!

Read more about Brett’s life through the lens.

(And get her look with the Becca reader!)

Helene of Books is Wonderful

How to live life to the fullest with reading glasses!

Read more about Helene’s life through the lens.

(And get her look with the Americana readers!)

Rosie of Sleeping Naked After 40

Rosie has all sorts of Life Through the Lens tips! Check out her videos on:

(And get her look with the Sophie, Paulina, Betty, Alexa, Angelica, and Arlene readers!)


Thank you to these very special women for sharing their stories! How do you live life through the lens? Tell us on Facebook!